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Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I have studied Law, as well as European Studies and Ethics. For the last twenty years I have worked as a legal and social advisor regarding the shaping of social policy for vulnerable social groups or those who are threatened with exclusion. I was fortunate to represent Greece, in European forums regarding the safeguarding of human rights and their equal integration in all aspects of economic, cultural and social level since 1998.

Since 2004, I have served as a consultant for former Prime Ministers / Ministers for the formulation and or shaping of social policy, social structures and services, promoting the equitable assertion of human rights.

Among other, I have been involved in the field of education, by writing educational materials and books, for the literacy of Roma people, especially women and young people. Still today I am active, fighting and defending human rights for all those people who are threatened with exclusion.

Work experience

Senior Advisor in Human Rights
KEDE - Central union of Municipalities of Greece
2017 – Present
My role as an Advisor to the President of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, is to act as a contact point between all the Municipalities of Greece together with their social services, and the social vulnerable groups, in order to formulate guidelines for each policy areas e.g. housing,education, employment etc. by providing advisory support to all stakeholders.

Senior Advisor in Human Rights
Greek Ministry of Interior- Administrative Reform
2015 – 2016
Within my responsibilities as an associate specialized in Roma and social integration issues for the Greek Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, is to overcome the social exclusion of all socially disadvantaged groups, by formulating social policy as well as supervising and coordinating relevant actions by other governmental bodies.

Head of the National stratigic Action Plan for the Roma integration policy 2012-2020
Political party of New Democracy
2012 – 2015
I designed and presented the above project which main purpose was to co-ordinate and implement, through national and in acordance with European legislation, in the policy agenda and national action plans, all the neccesary messures which needs to be made so that social cohesion and social inclusion can be achieved. The National Integration Plan is divided to three periods, including actions in the fields of health, education, employment and housing, coordinating all action at ministries and government level. This plan has been authorized by the Greek Government and the Prime Minister.

Head of the subsector of Social cohesion
Political party of New Democracy
2010 – 2015
The department of social cohesion, reflects the social welfare of all citizens and ensures harmonious and stable social relationships, as a prerequisite for economic and social progress and peaceful coexistence among all citizens especially those in need. Among other responsibilities, priority was given in organizing and mobilizing all NGO’s in Greece,(especially those who operate with vulnerable groups) helping in order to Collect and supply first aid items such as food, clothes, medicine, etc, in order to meet the specific needs of their institutions and/ or organizations that accommodate children. Also, there was the need of keeping in touch with the board and supervise all activities towards social cohesion of Roma and other minorities. Planning activities and keep track of them, such as medico-social activities, e.g. vaccinate children, gynecological exams diagnostic tests for diabetes, etc. Were one of my responsibilities.

Senior Project Coordinator
Institute of Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis
2004 – 2015
Senior Project Coordinator of the newly established department of social policy, in the Institute of Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis.

Municipal Councillor in the County of Ilia (Peloponnese)
County Council of Ilia (Peloponnese)
2006 – 2010
I Participated in the Municipal elections and i was Elected as a Municipal Councillor in the County of Ilia (Peloponnese). I Participated at County Council meetings, with sole purpose to solve the problems of the locals of every day life, and more specific taking all necessary measures for the development and modernization of farms, in accordance with the legislation on the protection of livestock in the region, ensuring the health of animals and taking measures to protect public health.

Project Manager
Company NameGreek Ministry of transportation
2008 – 2009
In co-ordination with the Ministry of transportation, I proposed and designed the new audiovisual - electronic way for illiterate citizens in order to obtain a driving license. For the period that thisprogram worked, few thousand people took advantage of this chance and obtained through legalprocedures their driving license.

Coordinator of the sub-division of the secretariat of womens affairs and Volnerable Groups
Political party of New Democracy
2006 – 2008
I undertook the secretariat for women’s affairs, During that time I collaborated with a Member of Parliament, working on important issues and policies that aimed in the elimination of inequalities between men and women in family support and family income and to link gender issues. An important aspect of our campaign that we introduced was to bring to the light and eliminate domestic violence.

Advisor to the Secretary General
Greek Ministry of Health
2005 – 2007
Among other competence, I had to regular meet with the Roma representatives and NGO’s representatives from all over Greece, recording the problems of each province, preparation for the enactment of social-medical centers in Roma camps in order to provide free medical and psychological advise, organize visits of medical groups and doctors for vaccination of children in camps, all around Greece. At the same period I participated in the organisation of SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2004, that took place in Athens.

Senior Program Manager
Greek Ministry of Health
2004 – 2006
I Designed and applied new activities regarding the educational process of vulnerable groups such as unemployed women, Roma, people in penitentiary institutions and orphanages. Among other responsibilities, I had to produce Monthly progress reports for classes all around Greece, Dealing with problems that occurred regarding attendance, Evaluate colleagues work and making sure that they meet the criteria set. Giving educational seminars to colleagues regarding stereotypes, racism and other sociopolitical issues, how to recognize and/ or deal with inside the classroom, or initiative by the teachers.

Secretariat support in a shipping company
Cavenco freight forwarders and storage
1998 – 2000
Typing, filling, answering phones, checking with the warehouse. 

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